The Wall

I want to fly

Fly, high

but not away, and not far away 

but high enough to see 

to see what you see

to see what you all see. 

I want to be able to view life on another level

I want to see that theres a meaning.

That when we wake up everyday we are waking up to a purpose.

I need a purpose to wake up to. 

I need  reassurance that this fight isnt for nothing.

I want to put a pause.

A stop, just for a moment, to be lifted from where I am

Literally lifted out, and watch. 

Watch not just my life but all the crossroads my one path comes in contact with 

And then I want to see the end of my path

I want to see that all this is worth something in the end

That I end up somewhere, anywhere, but just not here

I dont want to be stuck here

I dont want this fight to hold me back

I dont want to feel like im pushing this wall against my path

And then realize at the end I hardly moved.

I think thats what im scared of most…

That im going to spend all my time fighting and pushing for life

Pushing to move forward on my path

All the while to distracted to realize that theres another way around. 

I want to wake up without that wall.

I want to wake up without knowing that its just another day I have to fight

Another day I have to fight my thoughts,

question all my instincts,

and struggle not to fall back or worse, fall off my path.

I want to wake up and be free

To be awoken by thoughts beyond the wall

To walk or skip or even run my path all the way to the very end.

I want to bulldoze this wall down

To insure my path isn’t blocked and forced to wither in circles.

Thats why I want to fly,

I want to fly above this wall, and see whats on the other side.

I want to get over this wall, I need to get over this wall…

This wall is not the end of my path

But I think I need your help

I need help to find the way around

a way to fly over and go so far

That if I looked back, the wall would be so far behind it would be lost in the past.